How we work

Our training, tools and strategies help to assess one’s current personal financial position, look at return on investment, and current money attitudes. All this feeds into the creation of a plan on how to maximise earning potential turning current income into wealth.

In the Workplace

PSP will work with you to put together tailor made programs that meet your needs. Our programs tackle the following financial issues:

  • Preparing for retirement, or retrenchment
  • Investments in real estate to produce income
  • Debt Management
  • Wealth Creation

These are delivered by way of

  • Discovery Day
  • 2 Day Intensive
  • 90 Day Mentorship

PSP Core Training Pillars

PILLAR I: Making more Money

  • Crafting a Personal Financial Vision
  • Investment strategies for different life stages
  • Building your investment portfolio to maximise income
  • Strategies for acquiring property in the local market
  • Creating financial security with salary certainty
  • Money principals you need to know
  • Stocks and Shares, Treasury Bills and Bonds as passive income stream
  • Mastering the creation of income generating businesses

PILLAR II: Managing your money

  • Managing African Tax (dependents and family responsibilities)
  • Coming out of debt
  • Good Debt vs Bad Debt
  • Tactics and strategies of the rich

PILLAR III: Protecting your money

  • Estate Planning
  • Securing your property legally (avoiding the biggest risk around purchasing untenured or customary land)
  • General Insurance (for your properties, businesses and other physical assets)
  • Life insurance (for health and funerals)

PILLAR IV: Personal Mastery

  • Developing a success mindset
  • Understanding the habits and attitudes for wealth creation
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