Marjorie Chushi, Pam Golding Zambia

I would definitely recommend PSP mentors as they offer relevant, real world, practical style mentorship

key takeaways include:

  • Saving and Investments habits e.g buy Treasury Bills , Bonds, Stocks and Shares, Property Investments, Commodities etc.
  • Prioritising and Budgeting for eventualities (planning for key life events eg children’s school fees, Lifestyle, African tax etc)
  • Success mind-set

Noah Francis
Vice President

Corporate & Investment Bank BOLD EMEA Chair Emeritus

Featuring Caroline in this event allowed BOLD to host it’s most successful Black History Month event to date, and we look forward to working closely with Caroline again in the future in the area of leadership, entrepreneurship, and success in the face of adversity.


Mentorship with Caroline Marsh has been a great inspiration to the facilitators, team and students at ACES. She has effectively challenged the management team at ACES to think about the most sustainable business model that would have the greatest impact nationally and globally. She has inspired the ACEs at conferences and empowered during small group discussions.