Workplace Services

Our goal at Personal Success Planning Ltd (PSP) is to deliver personal financial education in the workplace to help citizens make well-informed choices and improve their financial well-being.
PSP recommends identifying targeted audiences within the organisation for greater impact eg gender outreaches, and segmentations according to work bands. Using our tested, tried, proven tools and strategies, PSP recommend delivering measurable financial education.
Our aim is to create a deep and lasting understanding on personal finance. The workplace services are delivered as;

  • Board of Directors Motivational Talks
  • Women and Finance
  • Personal Finance in the workplace ``Discovery Day``
  • 2 Day Intensive Personal Finance
  • Train the Trainer In-House Personal Finance Workshops
  • Online Intranet sessions
  • Debt, Retirement and Redundancy in the workplace
  • Webinars, webcasts
  • Continual awareness sensitisation programs via Texts, Email, Posters, to help keep issues of personal finance top of mind.
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